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Recently, we received an Email from our customer, he claimed that his personal pagers fail to work successfully, and don't know how to repair it.
personal pagers fail to work, need to repair
For this personal pager  problem, we propose the following steps to solve it:
1. Check if the battery of the button is OK or not: 
    press the button, a red LED will work in high brightness. If not, please change the C2032 battery with a new one since the battery has run out.
2. Check if the batteries of the square receiver are OK or not
    press the “VOLUME” key, this receiver will be ringing. If not, please change the 3pcs AAA  batteries with new ones.
3. Normally, in this step, this personal pager is able to work successfully.
    If not, can follow the pairing instructions to register the button to the receiver:
to pair personal pager
1) Press receiver "Signal" button until the LED light turns on;
2) Press red call button once to pair with the receiver (be sure to remove plastic battery protector tab by opening the call button with an included screwdriver);
3) The red light will flash to confirm successful pairing;
4) The receiver will automatically exit pairing mode;  
5) The system is ready to use. Repeat process if call button and receiver lose connection.
The following link has a video about how to do personal pager pairing, click if for more detail:


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