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 Above video is of our wireless queuing and calling system.

Several days ago, a customer bought our wireless queuing and call system, the system is calling the words "dingdong serial no xxx, please",  so he sent us an Email to ask if it possible to change the words of the system like "dingdong, table No.1", and he want to swap "serial" with "table" and want to omit "please".

Our reply is: Unfortunately, the firmware and the sentence "DingDong serial no xxx, please" has been fixed in this system, and it can not be changed. (Means that we can not change any word or omit some words.)We are very sorry about it, our system is not so smart. But your idea is so good for our improvement. 

After this issue, we have done the following changes for this wireless queuing and calling system:

1.  We will develop a new system with 10 modes, and the customer is able to select which mode he wants:

- DingDong xxxx, please take the meal;
- DingDong xxxx, please having a meal;
- DingDong xxxx, please transact business;
- DingDong xxxx, please go to the doctor;
- DingDong xxxx, please come to the counter;
- DingDong xxxx, please come in;
- DingDong xxxx, please prepare;
- DingDong xxxx, please
- DingDong xxxx
- DingDong

 2. If all above modes fail to meet your requirement, you can send us an Email to tell us what is your detail requirement, and we will discuss with our engineer to do customization for you. Thus, you will own a unique wireless queuing and calling system after customization. 

Email us: support@ringdido.com



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