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The state now advocates the "9073" pension model, 90% of the elderly are family pensions, 7% of the elderly receive pension services in the community, and 3% of the elderly enjoy institutional care services.

Family pension, mainly relying on family strength to achieve old-age care, simply said that children, relatives care for the elderly, the elderly live in their own or relatives and friends;

At home, the elderly do not enter the institution and solve the housing problem themselves, but they can purchase various old-age services provided by the community at home, such as nursing and bathing.

Institutional pensions, such as living in old-age institutions, nursing homes, etc., are provided by professional institutions, and relatives can visit.

The use of the Internet platform to achieve a comprehensive service home care model has taken shape, Wuzhen smart old age comprehensive platform has created a new model of social service development for the elderly. The platform integrates the home care service center, the cultural and sports activity center, the social organization incubator station, the volunteers and volunteer stations, and the community one-stop convenience service. It is different from the traditional service resources and service objects peer-to-peer mode but through Internet technology. Quickly establish links between service providers, family members, society, government and the elderly.

App, WeChat, the main user of the PC-side login is the guardian of the elderly, such as children, doctors, etc. Investigate the health status of the elderly, the walking track and receive the SOS emergency alarm information by logging in to the home pension system platform. It is mainly for the elderly and elderly people who cannot accompany their children at all times and do not want or unconditionally go to the nursing home. The equipment that the elderly bind at home through the home pension system platform includes a one-button pager, an old mobile phone, an intelligent health watch, etc., which can realize emergency rescue Sos, anti-lost, health service, life services such as housekeeping, appliance repair, and other functions.

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