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In recent years, CCTV News and other authoritative news organizations have reported many cases of vicious retaliation and wounding in hospitals. The incidents are extremely serious and extremely harmful. The safety of patients whose lives are endangered is once again pushed to the forefront and the safety of the medical industry. It has been the focus of the general public and the hospital safety mechanism needs to be reformed and improved. How to avoid the formation of security risks?

All along, from the analysis of the emergence of various types of doctor-patient relationship, the relationship between doctors and patients is so tight, the root cause is still backward in the reform of medical enterprises and institutions, the difficulty of seeing a doctor, expensive to see a doctor has not been improved, and the relationship needs to be improved. Working together, secondly, the attitude of the hospital in dealing with the doctor-patient relationship, in view of the fact that such things seriously threaten the health of medical staff, local medical institutions have taken the necessary measures to prevent measures against medical personnel and patients, hospital wireless calls The system came into being. As a tool for emergency alarms, the hospital emergency call system was quickly installed by major hospitals.

Emergency pager overview:
There are two main types of emergency callers in the hospital: there are two buttons, “call” and “clear”, and there is a disc pager, a separate button, the caller can be carried by the medical staff, or placed on the table, at the door When you are in a good position, you can press the button in an emergency, and you can customize various pagers according to your own environment and personal user habits.

Emergency pager host:
1. Place the pager host in a prominent position in the central control room or security room to receive the call signal from the extension. The security personnel respond quickly according to the prompts and arrive at the designated location. Handle security risks.
2. Watch host: security personnel wear the pager host, receive call signals anytime, anywhere, to deal with emergencies more quickly.

Hospital emergency pager system features:
1. Micropower wireless technology, no radiation, environmentally friendly and durable
2. Wireless design, easy to carry, easy to install, no wiring required
3. Convenient construction, low cost, strong technology, and high-cost performance
4. Real-time transmission of signals, fast response, only 300ms transfer

 hospital emergency pager


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