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A completed call system consists of a pager host and some call button. In reality, a call system host will be used with several call buttons. The number of configured call buttons is different depending on the environment and location.
The RingDiDo call system host is able to support up to 999 calls buttons at most, adapts to the restaurant call system, the old caller, the emergency caller, and other extensions, and at the same time some smaller call system is able supports 99 call buttons, all of which can meet the application of any location, and display mode also diversified, you can define the first letter in English, such as A01, A02, and other forms. For the hospital ward call system, there is a special hospital ward caller kanban host, supporting 24, 40, 60, 96 and so on.
For more call system requirements, if you can not find what you want,  you can contact RingDiDo for your customization.
Email: support@ringdido.com
how many call button the host is able to support


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