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The pager originated in the West. When the trait process appeared, some restaurants found the waiter faster for people who dine, and the metal rattle was installed at the table. The original pager was born. This type of pager has been used. For centuries, with the continuous advancement of industry, the early rise of the iron rattle has also evolved many times, giving birth to a variety of barbells adapted to different places, etc., the sound is more crisp and pleasing, The rapid development of the electronics industry, while changing people's lifestyles, more electronic products gradually replaced the original clumsy machinery.
Wired pagers are gradually on the historical stage, and they are moving towards a diversified market. Instead of a single restaurant cafe and other dining and entertainment venues, the obvious advantages of pagers have been followed by various sectors. Hospitals, banks and other enterprises that require higher service standards. Institutions have joined the ranks of callers, greatly improving work efficiency and service satisfaction.
However, due to technical reasons, the limited pager also contains certain limitations and operability, which makes people seek new and higher level technical support in the environment where the pace of life is so fast. With the rapid development of science and technology, industry Manufacturing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the rapid development of electronic technology has gradually integrated wireless technology into the lives of the public. The safer, faster and more efficient forms of work have been rapidly adopted by people, and have brought about radical changes compared to the use and installation of wired pagers. The pager is closer to life and is appreciated by individuals and families.
However, the wired pager has not withdrawn from the historical stage. It's signal transmission and signal anti-interference ability are extremely strong. It has won the trust of the financial industry and the medical industry. There is still a place that he can't replace in the wireless pager's dominating stage. The wireless pager installation is simple and quick, and the maintenance is convenient for the public.


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