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I.  Overview
A wireless pager system is an electronic device for completing indoor and outdoor wireless calls, data transmission and alarms. It is simple in construction and cross-border operation. It is widely used in leisure workplaces, factory production lines, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, homes, etc. Usually, the wireless pager button transmits a pager signal carrying the coded information, and the host or control center receives and decodes the received information, and expresses the call and alarm information through sound, light, electricity, etc., possibly sometimes by a portable receiver (watch) receiver and express information. Choosing a good wireless pager system, in addition to considering the appearance and function, the most important thing is to think about the production quality.  Open the outer shell of the wireless pager. If the solder joints to the circuit are rough and uneven, the soldering of the technology is not guaranteed. If the solder joints are uniform and clean, it is from the patch line production, the solder joints are not easy to crack, and the function is relatively stable. There are also great differences in the selection of components. There are thousands of button press times, millions of buttons press times, and 100,000 buttons press times. It is not easy to identify,  what can only be guaranteed is the brands and manufacturers.

II. Common problems
Although wireless pager is kind of simple product, the selection and identification still require a lot of professional knowledge.
1. Under what circumstances should the pager signal booster be used, and how many times can the pager signal be added after using the pager signal booster? How do you conclude that the best position of the pager signal booster is determined?

wireless pager signal booster
If the customer's location is extraordinarily large or the building is heavily shielded, a wireless pager signal booster is required. The pager signal booster can add the spacing between the wireless pager and the receiving host. The pager signal booster wirelessly receives the information of the wireless pager and sends power to the receiving host together without wiring, and only needs to connect 220V power. The wireless pager signal booster can be cascaded, so in theory, the interval between the wireless pager and the receiving host can be infinitely extended. The caller signal booster has a larger transmit power than the wireless pager, and the coverage in the same environment is larger than the wireless pager, thus extending the wireless pager by more than double the interval, but the practice is that the two pager signal coverages have a somewhat stacked stack. To maximize the effectiveness of the pager signal booster, it is important to determine its optimal orientation. The method of determining the optimal orientation of the pager signal booster is to: press the pager button in the farthest compartment from the receiving host, and gradually move the pager signal booster away from the pager until the pager signal booster does not receive the call. The announcer signal declared by the device (the green light on the pager signal booster is off) stops and then moves back 2-5 steps toward the pager, which is the best orientation of the pager signal booster.
2. How long can the battery be used after the wireless pager leaves the factory?
The reason for this is that it is not accurate how many times it should be used, not how long it takes to use it. For example, the use of 10 times a day and the use of 100 times a day are of course different.

In theory, the number of times the pager is used is 50,000 times (calculated by the battery's power and cost per call). According to the survey, the cost of Chinese food per table (within 45 minutes) is no more than 10 times, usually 5 times, so the battery of the pager is usually used for one and a half years.

3. In practice, should the wireless pager be placed in the best position?
The customer purchase pager is intended to play its role, and the way and orientation of the pager placement affect its power. In the workplace, the pager is best placed on the desktop, and it is best not to be fixed. According to statistics, the person who uses the pager to call the work is usually the person who pays the bill instead of the guest, so the pager is best placed at his hand and let him use it at any time.
4. What is the scale of coverage in the case of wall insulation?
It is impossible to accurately determine the requirements, such as the thickness of the wall, the amount of data, the number of steel bars, the density of the steel bars, and the sensitivity of the receiving end. Demand field test.
5. How large is the coverage of the product?
The interval of wireless transmission is a relative value, which is affected by factors such as transmission power, coding method, space electromagnetic environment, the height of the transmitter, central obstacle, data and thickness of the obstacle, and receive sensitivity of the receiving end. The power, coding scheme, environment and acceptance sensitivity of the pager during this period have the greatest impact. Generally speaking, the transmission interval is an empty interval. If the environmental conditions of the test are removed, it is meaningless to simply talk about the transmission interval.
6. How to prevent it from being lost? Is the wireless pager system waterproof?
The possibility of the wireless pager being lost is small, as it only works when it is deployed with the host. In order to prevent the caller from being lost, a variety of fixed methods can be adopted, but the fixed wireless pager loses a lot of utility and convenience. Such as double-sided cotton glue or glass glue to fix. In addition, adopting some other methods can also be useful to prevent loss. If the caller is directly guarded by the staff, the caller is not picked up at the time of the guest. When there is a guest, the pager is placed on the desktop at the time of taking the recipe, and the guest is told: "When the work is required, please use the call. In the hospital ward, the patient is sent to the caller by the medical staff at the time of admission and receives a certain amount of pressure. The shaper of the pager is considered waterproof, and once watered, the battery can be removed and dried. The wireless pager uses a micro-power, a micro-current circuit that does not form a short circuit after watering, but it cannot be soaked in water or in a humid environment for a long time.

7. How to test the wireless pager system signal on site, what is the need for equipment?
The wireless pager is attributed to wireless electronic goods, and the pager signal test is the main condition for equipment and construction. Testing wireless pager signal requirements Much professional equipment, the most simple way is to use our selected products to directly test, test methods:
Determining the spacing of the pager: Put the host in the appropriate orientation (our product is omnidirectional, the best orientation of the host is the center of the building), take the pager to test each pager button, it is necessary to ensure that each button is enough to transmit If it is not necessary to use the pager signal booster. The planning of the wireless pager signal needs to be rich, not just right.

8. Mobile caller If the staff is now working in the private room, and the guest needs to work, what should I do if I am busy?
The time points for planning the corresponding contacts may be stacked, for example, 2 individuals serve as 4 private rooms, and the call information between the four private rooms is sent to the two staff members. It can be either completely stacked or stacked. After the call, how does the supervisor know if the staff are available in time?
9. Both the fixed manifestation system and the mobile admissions system can let the supervisor know if the staff member is responding to the guest's call:
The multi-key card type pager (above double keys) of the fixed display system is provided with an "undo" button. After the staff member is in place, the worktable can be put in place by pressing the "undo" button;
The mobile admission system can visualize the work response speed of the staff and the time of arrival.
Can the mobile admission system complete the corresponding contact?
A: The correspondence between the product caller and the called party of the mobile admission system is very sensitive, and one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one calls can be completed.


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