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As people's pursuit of quality of life and service is getting higher and higher, merchants are constantly seeking more efficient working methods and tools to ensure customer satisfaction and improve corporate image. Pagers are introduced to China from the West. Until 2013, it has not been accepted by the Chinese market. Why is the pager used as an essential supporting facility by the West and Japan and South Korea? There are mainly the following aspects:

  •     Firstly, the generation of the pager

       1. The pager entered China relatively late, and it was not able to integrate into the Chinese market quickly in terms of Chinese living habits and local customs;

       2. Labor cost: China's labor cost is relatively lower than that of Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea. Compared with China, Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea give alternative equipment to replace labor costs. In response to market demand, restaurant wireless pager, hotel wireless pager, etc. Pagers used in the service industry came into being.

      3. Technical factors: The early wireless technology of electronic products is almost monopolized by Europe and the United States. The wireless AM modulation technology of the pagers started late in China; it is not that it does not want to be produced, and it is really no technology. At the beginning of entering the Chinese market, most of them relied on imports. The pager manufacturers have not yet formed, and they are still in the R&D and production stage until January 2012.

  • Secondly, industry competition

      The reason why the pager can quickly compete in various major industries is inseparable from the growing development of China. Since the reform and opening up, all walks of life have sprung up and developed rapidly. After reaching a certain level, the business opportunities and individuals that have settled down have begun. To consolidate the market, a battle around customers began. In order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, we have exhausted all our efforts, from software to hardware, to add value to the enterprise, and the pager is one of the most indispensable devices. One.

  • Thirdly, the characteristics of the pager

       1.  Guarantee the timeliness and speed of the service, the operation is simple and easy, and the so-called long-awaited is not as good as one press. The restaurant wireless pager not only guarantees service quality but also creates a good public environment.

       2. Enhance the customer experience: a variety of callers adapt to the unused work environment, bring new customer experience to the user, enjoy the wireless pager to bring customers fast and fun.

       3.  Wireless pager installation is convenient, no need for wiring and other cumbersome operations, ready to use.

       4.  Can greatly save labor costs, but also efficient management, killing two birds with one stone.

  • Fourthly, the main type of RingDiDo pager, main products:

       1.  Restaurant wireless pager, hotel wireless pager design
       2.  Hospital ward wireless pager system
       3.  Wireless meal waiting system
       4.  Caller host development and production
       5.  Pager extension single button multi-button wholesale and retail

       RingDiDo Technology is a one-stop pager manufacturer focusing on R&D and production of wireless calling systems. The company has won the praise of the majority of merchants with its professional technology and perfect after-sales service. It can develop targeted solutions according to the use environment and units.

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