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As a common communication tool for merchants and individuals, it would be damaged if we have no good knowledge of how it works. Moreover, the environment has a greater impact on the pager service, so the daily inspection and maintenance determine the service life of the pager, then how to avoid accidental damage to the pager can be from the following points:

1. Pager service brand selection

Don't try to use poor quality pager service brand for cost down, especially after meeting a series of problems after ever using serval pcs of this brand., it is recommended to buy directly from the pager service manufacturer, perfect after-sales.

2, Pager service installation location

For wet environments and hot environments, you should choose a selective pager, communicate with the pager service manufacturer to prevent water and moisture, and check regularly.

3, Pager service identification reminder

The merchant is obliged to inform the customer where the pager is located and how to use it. On the one hand, it can effectively prevent the caller from being lost, on the other hand, it can also avoid damage caused by improper operation.

4, Pager service regular inspection

Regularly arrange special personnel to check whether the quality and appearance of the pager are different and whether the signal is normal, so as to avoid sudden failure and affect the work!

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