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      Where can I buy a pager:

      1. Confirm what type of pager you need to buy

  • If the pager you want to buy would be used in ordinary call situations, such as restaurants, cafes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., there is no need for intercom, you can use a wireless pager.
  • If the pager needs to make an emergency call, the distance is relatively long and you need to talk, you must use a wired pager.

      2. Buy Pager Offline: In the bigger electronic market, there are some shops that have a call system for sale. You can pick and buy the calling system you need from them.

      3. Buy Pager Online :

  • Amazon.com: There are individual merchants on Amazon that sell regular pagers. Because of the storage and logistics costs, plus Amazon's commission, all the general prices are quite high.

  • Google.com: Some locator manufacturers can be searched by google, but manufacturers are generally sold in large quantities. If you buy a small amount, the price will be higher and the service will be bad.

  • RingDiDo.com: This is a website for the production and wholesale of pagers. It mainly sells wireless pagers, as well as wired pagers for hospitals and nursing homes. This site has several advantages:
         - Professionally engaged in the call industry, can help you recommend the pager system that suits you, contact them for customer support.

         - There are many types of products and the quality is very good, suitable for all occasions.
         - Factory direct supply, affordable. A small amount of purchase is OK, you can buy a wholesale price.
         - So professional and the service is very good, they can solve any problem immediately if meet.

       Hope this post can help, wish you can buy pager you need.







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