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If you want to make restaurant guests feel satisfied, restaurant wireless pager is really essential, paying attention to this can add a lot of repeat customers. When everyone walks into a restaurant, they will look at the fresh decoration of the characteristics of the common. Personality, for example, how the employees' work clothes are consistent, whether the lights are reconciled, and these external factors will bring me a different first impression. The most important thing is that the link between them is whether the service is comprehensive.


Characteristics of the restaurant: Usually the medium and high-end Chinese restaurants have more space between the rooms, more floors, messy terrain, and it is very inconvenient to call the staff. In the time of demand, if the customer does not receive timely service, not only the customer feels unsatisfied, the inefficient work of the service personnel and the inability to quantify the check greatly increase the operating cost and operational risk of the restaurant, and damage the interests of the restaurant owner.


The restaurant pager is an electronic product that can be used to quickly and conveniently process the caller when the guest dines. The restaurant pagers currently on the market are basically wireless, because the wireless pager has the advantages of convenient installation, reasonable price, and is very suitable for the restaurant profession to pay attention to the environment and pay attention to service quality.



The detailed usage of the restaurant pager is as follows:
1. The restaurant guests are advised to call the corresponding button of the pager (service, checkout, drinks, food, etc.) and find the service personnel;
2. The service personnel knows which guest calls through the digital display and voice prompts on the LED screen display host, and can know what type of service the customer needs;
3. The service personnel can also know the guest's call through the digital information machine (restaurant watch type pager) that is carried with him, and there are various prompting methods such as vibration and music, and the historical call can be inquired;
4. After the waiter receives the call information from the guest, press the confirm or cancel button in place;


What is the value of the restaurant wireless pager?
The RingDiDo wireless pager can help with these challenges:
1. Improve the work efficiency and service quality of service personnel, quantify and improve the enthusiasm of service personnel;
2. It is convenient for guests to call the service personnel to prevent the troubles and embarrassment of loud shouting, and to build a quiet and comfortable dining environment;
3. Service personnel can receive information anytime and anywhere, providing timely and uninterrupted service, and the guest is more satisfied;
4. Reduce guest waiting time, add turn-over rate, add revenue to the restaurant;
5. Add operational characteristics, increase profitability, and improve professional competence.


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