Our company team has been engaged in the development of wireless electronic products for more than 15 years. We have developed: android smartphones, feature phones, industrial PDAs, Android customization, Android hardware, Android tablets, code scanning guns, RFID devices, code scanning watches, health watches / Bracelets, positioning watches, industrial displays, pagers, callers, alarms, andon systems, IoT gateways, Lora gateways, edge computing gateways, smart AR glasses, and more.

    The communication technologies involved in our products are: LTE, WCDMA,GSM,GPRS,Lora, NB-IOT, WIFI, Bluetooth, 433MHz / 315MHz, etc.

    The platforms and partners involved are: Qualcomm, Huawei, TI, ST, Freescale, Semtech, Zebra, Google, Amazon, etc.

    Our team has many years of rich experience in electronic product design. We can start with product definition, communicate with customers in detail, cooperate with mechanical shells, do stacking, and then design PCB schematics, layout, PCB proofing, SMT production, assembly, etc.

    Customers who need electronic product development are welcome to contact us. We are one-stop service: design, layout, SMT, assembly, packaging, testing, including hardware, structural parts, embedded software, host software, server.

   Contact Email:  support@ringdido.com

 pcb drawing

     PCB Drawing(Schematic&Placement&Layout)

     In this stage, we first select our company's existing EDA tools, such as PowerPCB, Menter, Allegroe, Protel, etc., according to the definition of the product, draw the schematic of the product on the EDA tool. In cooperation with the mechanical engineer, according to the stacking of the structure, we do the placement of the product and arrange the positions of the key devices and connectors. Finally, according to EMI, EMC, ESD, signal sensitivity and other requirements, do layout the entire PCB board.