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        This is an upgraded queuing system display We will carefully tune it before delivery. After you receive the goods, you don't need to do any debugging, and it can work normally when plugged in. 

        Wireless queuing and calling system could provide the in-time service for customers in every situation. It has easy installation and beautiful features. It could promote the image of the service situation. Wireless calling system could solve the traditional reception problem, the waiter can press the queuing number to call the guest to inform that his/her service is ready.

        when the No.204 guest service is ready, the waiter can press the number “204” on the wireless keypad on the counter,  the wireless screen will display the guest queuing number “204”, at the same time, it will broadcast: “DingDong,204 please” in English voice. The guest gets this information from this screen display and voice, can know that his/her service is ready, then come to the counter to take his food or service.


          After the guest takes his service, the waiter can press the "+" key to call the next queuing number "205" or to press "- " key to call previous queuing number "203“.Or can directly press any number to make a call. Press RETURN key can clear what you have inputted.

        This queuing system display has very powerful functions, and you can set or select different working modes and broadcast voice according to your use scenario(by yourself after you receive this device). There are 9 kinds modes:

  • Mode_00: DingDong, XXXX, please take the meal
  • Mode_01: DingDong, XXXX, please have a meal
  • Mode_02: DingDong, XXXX, please transact business 
  • Mode_03: DingDong, XXXX, please go to the doctor
  • Mode_04: DingDong, XXXX, please come to the counter
  • Mode_05: DingDong, XXXX, please come in
  • Mode_06: DingDong, XXXX, please prepare
  • Mode_07: DingDong, XXXX, please
  • Mode_08: DingDong, XXXX

       This queuing and calling device is widely used in entertainment or catering industry, such as waiting area, bank, restaurants, tea house, coffee houses and bars, hospital clinic, children's playground, supermarket, hot pot restaurant, snack bar, food court, cake shop, office, Saloon,casino,Cafeteria,KTV...

1. guest queuing system can reduce service cost;
2. guest queuing system can improve customer satisfaction;
3. guest queuing system can improve your place level with fashion appearance;
4. guest queuing system can improve your service quality and efficiency;
5. guest queuing system installation is very easy

        There are 5 configurations as the following show, if you have other configuration requirements, please contact us.

Wireless Queuing System configurations

        We can do OEM customized product for bulk order if need, welcome to contact with us.

-[Q] What is the distance that this wireless calling system can work?
-[A] it depends on the real surroundings, normally it can work about 300m in free space,

-[Q] Are there any interference among different calling system or between the calling system and other communication devices?
-[A] No worry, there would not any interference since we apply encryption technology in this system.

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