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Wireless calling system could provide the in-time service for customers in every situation. It has easy installation, and beautiful features. It could promote the image of service situtation.Wireless calling system could solve the traditional reception problem, when the guest press down the button, and the servant could read from the watch or LED screen that which guest need help, and he could go to the table immediately and avoid that the servants going around in the restanrant, and creat a more confortable situation for the guests.
This self-service device is widely used in entertainment or catering industry, such as hotels,restaurants,tea house,coffee houses and bars,night club,food court,cake,shop,office,Saloon,casino,Cafeteria,KTV...

1. wireless pager can reduce service cost;
2. wireless pager can improve customer satisfaction;
3. wireless pager can improve your place level with fashion appearance;
4. wireless pager can improve your service quality and efficiency;
5. wireless pager installation is very easy

There are two type configuration,one set of this product include:
Type1: 1 Host screen(receiver) + 5 Buttons(transmitter)
Type2: 1 Host screen(receiver) + 10 Buttons(transmitter)

We can do OEM customized product for bulk order if need,welcome to contact with us.

-[Q] What is the distance that this wireless calling system be able to work?
-[A] it depend on the real surroundings, normally it is able to work about 1000m in free space.

-[Q] Are there any interference among different calling system or between calling system and other communication device?
-[A] No worry it, there would not any interference since we apply encryption technology in this system.

-[Q] How long is the battery life in this call system?
-[A] normally, it is about 12Months.