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RingDiDo restaurant pager is wireless, used for restaurant, hotel. This pager watch(also be called wrist portable receiver) system have 4 type buttons and two type pager watch.You can select which button or which pager you prefer. Pager watch is able to be vibrating and display the call number to note attendant if anybutton has been pressed.


Wireless restaurant pager system could solve the traditional reception problem:
When the guest need to call a waiter, he/she can press down the restaurant pager button. The pager watch(wrist portable receiver)  wore by the attendant will be vibrating and display the call number, it will make the attendant know what service this guest need, normal "SERVICE" or to pay the "Bill". From it, the waiter is able to know which/where the guest need help, and what service this guest need, then he could go to the table to provide service immediately(avoid that this waiter going around in the restanrant), which can creat a more confortable situation for the guests.When the waiter finish this task, he can press the "Cancel" key on the pager button to cancel the call number display on the pager watch.

pager watch working process

[Restaurant Pager Advantages] 
Wireless system(wireless bell, wirelss pager) could provide the in-time service for customers in every situation. It has easy installation, and beautiful features. It could promote the image of service situtation.
This wireless call pagers has not any wire connection between the buttons and the host screen, the real connction is wireless 433M wireless signal. Following our user guide,anyone can do the installation without any electronics technician's help.

1. It can reduce service cost;
2. It can improve customer satisfaction;
3. It can improve your place level with fashion appearance;
4. It can improve your service quality and efficiency;
5. It's installation is very easy.Because it is wireless, after setting, you can put the button where you like.

[Restaurant Pager Applications]
This wireless pager system is widely used in entertainment or catering industry, such as hotels,restaurants,tea house,coffee houses and bars,night club,food court,cake,shop,office,Saloon,casino,Cafeteria,KTV...


Who are using RingDiDo Wireless Pagersrestaurant pager use case

[Restaurant Pager Specification] 

wireless pager watchRingDoDo wireless pager watch RDX5800Singcall wireless pager watch APE6800

Restaurant Pager Watch(Receiver): RDX5800
1. The exterior is brief and fashionable, with OLED big color screen: the first OLED color screen watch receiver in the industry, with the advantages of quick response, stable images, rich color, anti-seismic and knock.
2. Chinese content(Also English content) and text color could be defined by users: user can edit 16 English letters or 8 Chinese characters freely through the software, the color of content could be chosen by users, new and unique, colorful and beautiful.
3. Kinds of display mode could be chosen: the number digit is from three to five, the display mode is *** or ***-**, the English letter is from A to Z, number and English letters can be associated and adjusted freely, meeting the different demands from different users.
4. Registration is faster and more convenient: numbers can be registered and downloaded through the software, breaking the traditional and complex registration, making the registration simpler and faster for same numbers registered on different watches.
5. Information safety is guraranteed: the set information can be encrypted avoiding unneccessary information lost by the mistake operation, making it safer.
6. Direct power supply mode, simple and environmetal friendly: green and environmental protection sustainable charging design, super long standby(about 10 days) avoid the cost and time to change batteries, making your life low carbon, economic and convenient.
7. Good quality and perfect allocation: anti-seismic and knock OLED big color screen collocated with soft and comfortable polyurethane strap, creating excellent quality and intimate configuration.
8. Others:
- Size:55.5mm X 41mm X 15mm
- Net Weight:48.5g
- Material:PC
- Color:Black
- Screen:Color OLED
- Function keys:two touchable keys and one pressed key
- Power supply mode: POGOPIN
- Battery: 3.7V lithium battery
- Battery Volume:320mAh
- Receiver sensibility:-114dBm
- Resolution: 128*128
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Call button capability : 399
- Prompt mode: vibration, bell, vibration and bell
- Number deleting mode:manually, automatically
- Number of display: one group of number(3-5digits)
- Number can be shown by kinds of compound mode by numbers and English letter(0-9,A-Z)
- Alias: can be shown by compound mode of Chinese, English letters or numbers

 pager watch,protable receiverringdido pager watch RDX5900singcall pager watch APE6900

 Restaurant  Pager Watch(Receiver): RDX5900
1. Bracelet design, fashion and conciseness: adhering to the sleek, minimalist design in appearance, perfect combination of the circuit board and curved surface screen, introduced bracelet designs portable receiver.
2. Calendar and alarm clock function: reminders added. Added calendar and alarm clock function, allowing users to arrange their time, easy to use, more intuitive to provide services.
3. This bracelet with blue OLED screen: this bracelet with blue OLED screen, self-luminous, fast response, image stabilization, legible and seismic resistance fell and other advantages.
4. Simple charging: green and sustainable charging design, avoid the problem of frequent battery replacement, standby(about 3 days), make your life more low carbon, economical and convenient.
5. Convenient registration: supports serial port register to download feature, breaking the traditional tedious registration, streamline the registration process, so that more of the same watch registration easier and faster.
7. Others:
- Dimensions:48mm X 25mm X 15mm
- Net weight:39g
- Outer material:Flexane +PC(imported from Germany)
- Color: Black
- Function Keys:two
- Screen:OLED screen
- Number of display: one group of number(3or5digits)
- Power input:100-240V AC 50/60Hz
- Power output:DC 5V/0.1A
- Battery:3.7V lithium battery
- Battery Volume:150mAh
- Prompt length: 01-15kinds of length to prompt
- Receiver sensibility:-114dBm
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Call button capability: 500
- Prompt mode: vibration
- Display time : 1~99 seconds, infinite
- Standby time:3days
- Number deleting mode:manually, automatically
- Special functions:alarm clock, permanent calendar, data download

Restaurant Pager Call Button (Transmitter)

Call Button(Transmitter): RDX100

- Dimensions :60mm * 60mm * 32mm
- Net weight: 53.8g
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Battery:Alkaline Battery 12V23A
- Call output:20dB uV/m
- Frequency deviation:0.5Mhz
- Signal transmitting distance: 1.5km(open space)
- Decoding type:Registration method
- Battery life:12-18 months

Call Button(Transmitter): RDX301

- Dimensions :86mm * 86mm * 17.5mm
- Net weight: 79g
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Battery:Alkaline Battery 12V23A
- Call output:20dB uV/m
- Frequency deviation:0.5Mhz
- Signal transmitting distance: 1.5km(open space)
- Decoding type:Registration method
- Battery life:12-18 months
- Waterproof degree: full waterproof

Call Button(Transmitter): RDX201

- Dimensions :65mm * 65mm * 16.5mm
- Net weight: 37g
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Battery:Alkaline Battery 12V23A
- Frequency deviation:0.5Mhz
- Signal transmitting distance: 1.4km(open space)
- Decoding type:Registration method
- Battery life:12-18 months
- Totally waterproof

Call Button(Transmitter): RDX403

- Dimensions :130mm * 70mm * 42mm
- Net weight: 79g
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Battery:Alkaline Battery 12V23A
- Call output:20dB uV/m
- Key number: three
- Frequency deviation:0.5Mhz
- Signal transmitting distance: 1.5km(open space)
- Decoding type:Registration method
- Battery life:12-18 months


wireless pager signal amplifier

Pager Signal Amplifier: RDX80
1. The function of Signal Amplier is to relay the button wireless signal and enhance the signal quality. By the way of installing more signal amplifiers we can make the receivers receive all the button signal well even there are a lot of obstacles wall amony them or their distance is far . No signal amplifier is applied but only when the installed receiver(the host) can not receive all the signals transmitted by the pager.
2. In our engineering experience, it is neccessary to install wireless pager signal amplifier if the distance is beyond 50 meters and there are some walls between buttons and receivers.(Or the distance >3 floors)If you has more questions, can contact with us, we can evaluate your place condition and help you design your customized calling system, also help to decide if need signal amplier or not.
3. Others:
- Dimensions:153mm * 82mm * 29mm
- Net weight:200g
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Power supply: AC220V/60HZ-DC12V/1A
- Signal transmitting distance: 2.5km(open space)
- Transmitting mode: transmit all signal or transmit part of signal


[Q]How far is this wireless pager system able to work?
It is about 500m-1000m distance(from buttons to receiver screen) in free space.But it depend on real surrounding,normally, our system is able to work well if the distance is below 50m and even with some walls,tree or other obstacles(not metallic).However, if install signal amplifier device, it will make it work much longer.
We can help you design your side customized calling system if you need, please no hesitate to contact with us.

[Q]Are there any interference among different calling system or between calling system and other communication device?
No worry,there would not any interference since we apply encryption technology in this system.

[Q]How long is the battery life in this call system?
The button uses 12V23A battery, normally it is able to work about 12months depending your side calling frequency.When the battery run out, replace it with a new one.

[Q]How to do pair to make it work?
No worry,we will do pair first before delivery.Once receive,it can work properly.

- Restaurant Pager Watch (Wrist Portable Receiver) : RDX5800 / RDX5900, n pcs, depend on your requirement
- Restaurant Pager Button Button (Transmitter) :  RDX100/RDX201/RDX301/RDX403, n pcs, depend on your requirement
- Signal Amplifier RDX80: optional, if the distance is below 50 meters and less than 3 floors, normally no need to buy this signal amplifer.
- User Manual

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