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Model: RingDiDo025 | Wireless hospital pager, it is long range pager system for a hospital nursing, the pager receiver host board is able to display the call number and broadcast the call number to note nursing staff when the call button has been pressed by the patient.


Wireless hospital pager could solve the traditional reception problem:
When the patient needs to call a nurse, he/she can press down the pager button. The hospital pager host screen will broadcast and display the call number, from it, the nurse is able to know where this patient need help,or which bed, then she could go to the bed immediately(avoid that this patient loudly call in hospital), which can create a more comfortable situation for a hospital. It is a very good nursing pager system for the hospital.

wireless hospital pager work process

This wireless hospital pager calling system(nursing pager system) could provide the in-time service for the patient in the hospital. It has easy installation and beautiful features. It could promote the image of a nurse situation.
This wireless hospital pager has not any wire connection between the buttons and the pager receiver host board, the real connection is a 433M wireless signal. Following our user guide, anyone can do the installation without any electronics technician's help.

1. It can reduce service cost;
2. It can improve patient satisfaction;
3. It can improve your hospital level with fashion appearance;
4. It can improve your hospital service quality and efficiency;
5. Its installation is very easy. Because it is wireless, after setting, you can stick the button where you like.

This wireless hospital pager system is widely used in hospital, clinic, nursing station.

wireless hospital pager use case 


wireless hospital pager reciver

Wireless Hospital Pager Host Board(Receiver): RDX8800

- Dimensions:650mm X 550mm X 60mm
- Net weight: 4.2kg
- Outer material: aluminum alloy
- Decoding type: Registration method
- Number of display: one group of 5 numbers including a 3-digit room number and 2-digit bed or position number
- Power supply: AC120V/60HZ-DC12V/2A
- Prompt music length: 01~15 kinds (one figure means two seconds,30 seconds max)
- Receiver sensibility: -114dbm
- Frequency:433Mhz
- Call button capability: 299, storing 60 numbers scrolling the display.
- Prompt modes: 12 kinds of music and voice report
- Display time: 1~99 seconds,00 means infinite
- English letter beginning display: A, B, C, D, E, F, H, P, L, J.
- With time and permanent calendar function
- With 60 lights and patient case plots, corresponding with 60 call buttons.
- With remote controller can delete the calling numbers by hand.
- Can connect with audio equipment and computer.

hospital pager with handle cord

Medical Call Button(Transmitter): RDQ102H

- Dimensions :60mm * 68mm * 21mm
- hand shank cord length: 30cm
- Buttons: two "Service" buttons, one on the pager head, one on the handle cord, they have the same function.one "Cancel" button.
- Color: Pearl White
- Frequency:433.92Mhz
- Battery:Alkaline Battery 12V23A
- Call output:20dB uV/m
- Frequency deviation:0.5Mhz
- Signal transmitting distance: 1.0km(open space)
- Decoding type:Registration method
- Battery life:12-18 months


[Q]How far is this wireless pager system able to work?
It is about 500m-1000m distance(from buttons to the medical pager watch) in free space. But it depends on real surrounding, normally, our system is able to work well if the distance is below 50m and even with some walls, tree or other obstacles(not metallic). However, if install a signal amplifier device, it will make it work much longer.
We can help you design your side customized calling system if you need, please no hesitate to contact with us.

[Q]Are there any interference among different calling system or between the calling system and other communication devices?
No worry, there would not any interference since we apply encryption technology in this system.

[Q]How long is the battery life in this medical pager system?
The button uses 12V23A battery, normally it is able to work about 12months depending on your side calling frequency. When the battery is run out, replace it with a new one.

[Q]How to do pair to make it work?
No worry, we will do pair first before delivery. Once received, it can work properly.

- Host Board(Receiver) RDX88000: 1 pcs,
- Pager Button (Transmitter) RDQ102H: n pcs (30 / 60 )
- User Manual

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